Kinver Air Rifle Club

New Opening times from Sunday September 6th 2020. 9.30am – 12.30pm.
New Prices: £6 ADULTS, £3 JUNIOR (under 16)

RULES / Covid-19 / Coronavirus

If you or ANY members of your household or support bubble have any symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19 and have been told to self isolate you must NOT attend the club even if you do not feel unwell.
On the reopening of Kinver Air Rifle Club there will be new rules in place due to the coronavirus that EVERYONE MUST adhere too. You MUST bring your own pen (not pencil) to sign the forms required to allow you to shoot at the club. Provide whatever PPE you feel necessary for your safety and the safety of others, masks are not a requirement of law outdoors, however they do offer considerable protection against the virus.
You MUST bring your own equipment with you including bags, gun rests, tripods and matts as the club will be unable to loan these items. The hiring of a club gun but must be pre booked. The club will not be able to provide air fills. The small club emergency toilet will be closed.
On arrival DO NOT WALK STRAIGHT THROUGH THE HUT please complete the insurance disclaimer form first before entering the hut. On paying please give your details to the staff member this will include your full name, house number, postcode and telephone number. Please have the correct monies (£6 Adults £3 Children). When booking in please wait your turn and be patient and respectful of others, keeping the 2 metres apart. You will be asked to take a metal target string puller which must be returned in the disinfectant bucket on the way out. You MUST notify staff that you have completed your shoot and you are leaving the club grounds so you can be signed out. Please do NOT return to the club grounds once you have signed out.
The maximum persons on Kinver Air Rifle Shooting Club grounds will be limited. Social distancing of 2 meters MUST be adhered to where physically possible and you must NOT gather in groups. Once you have completed the course please exit the shooting ground using the correct exit pathway.
EVERYONE MUST go round the course in a anti-clockwise direction starting at target 1. Shooters MUST NOT leave their peg until the next peg is vacant to avoid close contact with others. Do not overtake shooters and please wait your turn patiently. Please only take 2 shots maximum per target . Do not touch or lean on any part of the allocated shooting posts. Targets must be reset using the metal pulling hook provided and strings must not be touched by hand. Hand sanitiser is available at the table at the start and exit of the course however, we ask all visitors to bring their own hand sanitisers as this avoids touching the dispenser itself.
There is a strict NO SMOKING (including vaping) rule on ALL of Kinver ARC grounds. Only shoot at the allocated metal targets, failure to adhere to these rules will result in staff asking you to leave the shooting grounds. Please take ALL your litter home with you.
Any further information you require please just ask. We hope to see everyone back at the club.